Unless otherwise noted, Alumen Consulting Limited (trading as Quocirca) owns the copyright, and reserve all rights to, all copyright and other rights in the content on its Site (www.quocirca.com).

Alumen Consulting Limited also owns a number of trademarks that are on the Site.

All research and written material created by Quocirca (“Research”) is intended to be used by our clients for internal use by the client. Reproducing Quocirca Research either in its entirety or in part outside of this use is not permitted without prior written approval.

At all times, Quocirca Research will be deemed as copyrighted material and should be marked “for internal use only” and “Source: Quocirca”, along with maintaining the “© Quocirca” and date markings.

Use of Research supplied by Quocirca

Any use of Quocirca’s Research (data and graphics included) is subject to Quocirca’s review and approval.

Citation of Quocirca’s Research is a client privilege. Quocirca reviews all non-client requests on a case-by-case basis.

Quocirca reserves the right to deny any and all uses of the Research for any reason and at any time.

If you have purchased a global licence you may quote the Research internally but you may not use the Research for external audiences in any way unless you have purchased the requisite licence for that specific Research.

Correct attributions must be used with Quocirca Research and/or Report Names and Dates plus any links to original sources as provided by Quocirca.

Any usage of the Research to support any position by a company must be approved by Quocirca in writing prior to such usage. No company specific excerpts are permitted without prior Quocirca approval.

What requires Quocirca’s approval?

All external or commercial citation of the Research, including, without limitation:

  • uses of the Research in advertisements, press releases, marketing communications or sales collateral in any form.
  • uses of the Research in SEC filings or other legal documents.
  • links to any websites maintained by Quocirca and/or its subsidiaries.
  • all full reproductions and/or distributions of the Research Quocirca prohibits clients from distributing a copy or copies of Research, unless reprints are purchased from Quocirca or the client has express written permission from Quocirca.
  • all promotion, distribution, and reuse of Quocirca intellectual property and/or content, including any use of the Quocirca logo, trademarks, or service marks, through any third-party in all types of media.

If a client or third-party is unsure about a particular use, they must seek Quocirca approval before making the citation.

Use of the Quocirca name and intellectual property

The Quocirca name, logo and intellectual property may only be used commercially in connection with advertising, sales materials or other commercial activities with the explicit pre-approval of Quocirca for each instance of use.

This policy defines the criteria that will be used to issue that approval.

This policy applies to all contexts in which the Quocirca name or Research may appear externally. It includes, but is not limited to, company reports, advertising, annual reports, blogs, books, brochures, marketing materials, newsletters, press releases, presentations, signage and speeches.

Quocirca Vendor Landscape

Quocirca encourages you to understand the need to respect Quocirca as an objective and independent provider of Research and to use the Research in marketing materials in a way that does not distort the data, opinions, or intentions of Quocirca.

The Quocirca Vendor Landscape product requires specific citation guidelines for firms included in the Research. Participating companies:

  • should only publish a press release after Quocirca has made the Research available to all clients.
  • should get written sign-off from an authorised Quocirca contact for your press release or other usage of the Research (note, this is not necessarily the analyst who authored the Research).
  • may include “Quocirca” in press release headers or sub-headers provided that they refer to Quocirca as an “Independent Analyst Firm”.
  • should refer to their characterisation such as “a Leader” or “a Major Player” only on the basis of their positioning in the Vendor Landscape report, not on the basis of a single dimension or evaluation criterion.
  • must refer to their positioning as “a Leader” not “the Leader” or “Leader” unless they are the only firm positioned in the “Leaders’” category.
  • should not make direct comparisons between their position on the Vendor Landscape and the position of a competing firm.
  • may take limited quotations verbatim from the Vendor Landscape report in accordance with the Quocirca citation policy.
  • may distribute the Vendor Landscape report graphic after receiving approval from Quocirca.

How to seek Quocirca approval

  • Email Louella.Fernandes@Quocirca.com
  • Provide the full proposed citation and context for your request.
  • Include a draft copy of any press releases and other marketing materials, such as newsletters, email campaigns, or direct mail.
  • Confirm that the company requiring the citation is an existing Quocirca client, or otherwise indicate how your company proposes to manage any costs of gaining such authorisation.
  • Provide the full context of the citation and how it will appear. Attach complete copies of press release drafts, web page mock-ups, emails, banners, social media posts, white papers, etc., where you plan to place the citation.
  • Indicate the precise Research your material cites, including the full title and publication month/year, and analyst name. If the citations do not come from Research published on quocirca.com, please include a link or attachment of the original source.
  • Please note Quocirca requires a reasonable amount of time to grant permissions. Please allow at least 14 days.

Policy Violations

All Research provided by Quocirca and Quocirca reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to immediately terminate any uses of its intellectual property that are in violation of this policy or that otherwise abuse, harm, or damage any Quocirca intellectual property.


Quocirca reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time without notice.