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Today, cloud print services are delivered through either a full public cloud-based model, or a hybrid of public and private cloud. This report outlines the market for cloud print services, covering offerings from both manufacturers and independent software vendors (ISVs). It also draws on primary research conducted in June 2019 amongst organisations using managed print services (MPS) across the US, the UK, France and Germany.

Find out more about the market for cloud print services in this comprehensive report from Quocirca.

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Publication date: March 2020

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The rapid adoption of cloud services has enabled businesses of all sizes to gain access to enterprise applications and infrastructure based on subscription models. This provides flexibility, scalability, reliability and improved performance, while reducing costs and freeing IT resources to focus on more strategic activities. Increasingly, hybrid cloud – a mixture of private and multiple public cloud platforms – will become the reality for many organisations as they look to integrate legacy environments. One area that can benefit from being moved to the cloud is the print infrastructure.

Cloud print services are emerging as a way of minimising the cost and improving the efficiency of operating an on-premise print infrastructure. Reducing or eliminating reliance on local print servers, along with shifting print management to the cloud, enables businesses to move from a CapEX to an OpEX model. Flexible and scalable subscription-based pricing provides lower and more predictable costs, while IT burden is reduced as tasks are managed by a third-party cloud print services provider.

Quocirca’s Cloud Print Services 2020 report reveals the opportunities for managed print service (MPS) providers and their customers in transitioning to a cloud-based print infrastructure. The report highlights the key offerings from manufacturers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the market and discusses the potential for cloud to disrupt the traditional model of procuring and managing the print infrastructure.