qocirca Cloud Services Landscape 2020 report

Quocirca Cloud Print Services Landscape 2020

The rapid adoption of cloud services has enabled businesses of all sizes to gain access to enterprise applications and infrastructure based on subscription models. This provides flexibility, scalability, reliability and improved performance, while reducing costs and freeing IT resources to focus on more strategic activities. Increasingly, hybrid cloud – a mixture of private and multiple […]

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Quocirca's report on how the print industry is applying circular economy principles

Report: How the print industry is applying circular economy principles

Quocirca’s report discusses how leading print manufacturers are applying circular principles to their supply chain and demonstrates how the use of as-a-service models such as managed print services (MPS) can help customers lower costs, both financial and environmental, and increase efficiency by operating a sustainable and circular print infrastructure.  

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Print 2025 insights, digital reinvention report

Print 2025: The journey to digital reinvention

Print 2025 2nd edition: The research report builds on the first edition published in 2017, which has been extended to include the perspective of office workers as well. It reveals that while office workers are pushing an agenda of smart mobile working and digital collaboration, the majority of IT decision makers still envisage a print-reliant workplace to 2025 and are making investment decisions accordingly. This suggests that an IT workforce tied to traditional technologies may be one of the main barriers hindering increased productivity in the digital workplace.

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Print 2025: Report bundle 2019 – special 3 report purchase

Purchase all three Print 2025 executive briefing reports as part of a special bundle. Gain access to the three research reports on: “Additive Action – 3D printing as an accelerator for digital manufacturing”, “Mastering IoT – The Big Data Opportunity for Print Manufacturers” and “The Blockchain Opportunity”

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3D printing

Additive Action – 3D printing as an accelerator for digital manufacturing

The briefing looks at the potential to change the way in which products are made using 3D printing, from conception to implementation and delivery. These changes will have far-reaching impacts on business ecosystems, technological convergence, and sustainability and business leaders must, therefore, have a thorough understanding of the market trends and drivers to successfully tap into the cost savings, increased flexibility, and shorter time to market these new technologies.

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IoT, cyber security, managed print services, channel

Mastering IoT – The Big Data Opportunity for Print Manufacturers

In this Executive Briefing report, Quocirca looks at the opportunities and challenges that embracing an IoT open platform-based economy offers the print industry. The report assesses the shift to cloud based operating models and reviews the impact of AI. The report contains recommendations to help OEMs and MPS providers to unlock new revenue streams and […]

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blockchain, managed print services, print opportunity

The Blockchain Opportunity

As the initial hype around blockchain begins to subside, businesses are starting to explore its applications for their sector and the print industry is no different. Faced with pressure to evolve to combat the risks of disruption, print companies are keen to gain competitive advantage from innovations such as blockchain, but also cautious over the risks of backing a relatively immature technology. Our report analyses the applications for blockchain within the print ecosystem and identifies areas of opportunity and the potential hurdles to adoption.

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Global Print Security 2019

Print-related breaches are costing an average of £313,000 per year, with 60% of organisations experiencing at least one print-related data loss in the past 12 months. Cyber threats and data breaches must be considered at board level as the repercussions are simply too big to ignore.

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Report bundle - Print 2025 spotlight research reports

Print 2025: Report bundle – special 3 report purchase

Purchase all three Print 2025 spotlight reports as part of a special report bundle. Gain access to the three research reports on: “Digitisation the key to SMB success”, “Millennials Matter” and “Print Security in the IOT era”

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Print 2025: Digitisation – The key to SMB success

Digital technologies have transformed the landscape in which small to medium size businesses (SMBs) operate, allowing them to compete in an ever-changing market. They enable more efficient business processes and better engagement between customers, employees and partners. Yet despite the potential dividends, SMBs, often hampered by time and budget constraints, have been slow to ride […]

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