Quocirca COVID-19 Study Phase 1

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This report has now been superseded by our Phase 2 report. Access the survey details here. To stay up to date, you can review all content relating to our COVID-19 research on Quocirca’s insights page here.

Quocirca recently conducted a snapshot online survey between March 31st and April 7th 2020 to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the office print industry. The survey reveals an industry in a state of flux, as print volumes across most sectors are seen to be in steep decline. However, despite the significant impact on their business, there is some cautious optimism among print industry professionals that this crisis presents an opportunity to drive innovation in their products and services. With the pandemic potentially signalling a faster shift from paper to digital processes, vendors and their channel partners recognise the need to accelerate their move to the cloud, digital workflow and collaboration services.

Quocirca received 90 completed responses, 33% from OEMs, 56% from channel organisations and 11% from ISVs. Overall, 65% of respondents were from organisations with fewer than 1,000 employees. 44% of respondents were from European organisations, 27% from the US and 29% from other regions. Quocirca plans to repeat the survey, either in whole or in parts with additional questions, so changing sentiments can be tracked and priorities among print industry leaders better understood.