Quocirca COVID-19 Study Phase 4


Report Details

Publication date: June 2021

Format: PDF
Pages: 25
Figures: 17

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To understand the continuing impact of COVID-19 on the office print industry, Quocirca conducted its fourth snapshot COVID-19 Business Impact Survey between 1st April and 27th May 2021. As previously, the research looked at the perceptions of a range of industry executives across print manufacturers (OEMs) and channel partners (MPS providers, resellers, systems integrators etc) to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their businesses. This report includes comparisons with the previous three surveys, the last of which was conducted in May 2020. This latest survey reveals that, while many continue to struggle with the fallout from the pandemic, there is a strong recognition of the need for change and innovation.


Study details

Quocirca received 157 completed responses, 16% from OEMs, 75% from channel organisations, and 9% from ISVs. Overall, 62% of respondents were from European organisations, 10% from North America and 13% from other regions. For the purposes of this report, where splits have been reported, they are focused on OEMs, channel partners (MPS providers, channel partners, MSPs, professional services companies) and, where appropriate, ISVs. Quocirca also segmented respondents based on their perception of their organisations as Leaders (54%), Fast Followers (31%) and Middle of the Pack (15%) in the market.