Scanning as an enabler for digital transformation

Organisations realise that the modern world requires the capability to collate, analyse and move information so that decisions can be made in a rapid and effective manner.  With much information still being held in paper format, however, this requires the capability to convert paper information into searchable electronic information and, where necessary, to extract data held within these documents for use in digital enterprise systems.  This report looks at perceptions and requirements from current scanner users as to what they are looking for in the future.



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Organisations are looking for means of gaining greater efficiencies in how they deal with information in order to be more effective in their markets.  A major part of this is the drive toward digital transformation. Dealing with electronic information from end-to-end within a process is a major step in this journey – but the presence of paper is not going to go away soon.  This report, commissioned by PFU Europe, looks at how digitisation of paper via scanning can create a fully digital environment.