The future immersive workplace

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Publication date: January 2022

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The metaverse promises to create an immersive, interactive and shared digital world that brings together mixed reality – augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) – along with 3D holographic avatars, digital twins (digital 3D replicas of physical assets) and advanced use of IoT devices. It is seen as the next great leap in the evolution of the internet, with tech titans such as Meta, Microsoft and NVIDIA all announcing their vision of this alternative universe. So, beyond the hype, what does the metaverse mean for the future workplace?

Quocirca’s snapshot study reveals that most IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) in the UK believe that the use of VR/AR technologies will become mainstream within the next few years. Already the majority (61%) are using VR/AR to some extent within their organisations, for applications ranging from the remote training of employees to enhancing the customer experience.

Quocirca conducted this survey of 124 UK-based ITDMs in November 2021 with the aim of understanding which AR and VR technologies they have already adopted and what their expectations are for how VR/AR usage will grow within their businesses in the near and longer term. 24% of the respondents were from SMEs (<250 employees), 37% were from mid-size organisations (250-999 employees) and 39% were from large enterprises (1,000+ employees).

This report is available to Quocirca clients and Premium Subscribers.