Print 2025: Digitisation – The key to SMB success


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Publication date: September 2018

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Pages: 18
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Digital technologies have transformed the landscape in which small to medium size businesses (SMBs) operate, allowing them to compete in an ever-changing market. They enable more efficient business processes and better engagement between customers, employees and partners. Yet despite the potential dividends, SMBs, often hampered by time and budget constraints, have been slow to ride the wave of the DX economy, and are at risk of being left behind.

This report, based on research from the Global Print 2025 Study, is based on 288 SMBs in the US and Europe. It reveals that while SMBs are still dependent on paper documents, they are struggling to contain print-related costs and looking to accelerate digitisation efforts. The report highlights the business challenges they face when it comes to managing their print environments and explores how MPS suppliers should capitalise on this growing opportunity.