Print 2025: Print Security in the IoT Era


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Publication date: May 2018

Format: PDF
Pages: 18
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IoT security is only as strong as its weakest link. For some businesses this may be the networked multifunction printer (MFP), which remains integral to the workplace. MFPs are perhaps one of the more sophisticated IoT devices that a business owns, operating as a document processing hub with scan, print, copy and email functionality. Like any other networked device MFPs are critical endpoints, which must be safeguarded and protected against both internal and external threats.

This Global Print 2025 Spotlight Report highlights the growing need for businesses to prioritise print security, particularly as GDPR comes into force. The report draws on research conducted amongst 575 SMBs and large enterprises across the US and Europe in October and November 2017.

Key questions answered

  • What importance do IT decision makers place on print security?
  • How is the print security attack surface changing?
  • To what extent is print security included in GDPR measures?
  • What are the key approaches to safeguarding the print environment?
  • How can manufacturers and managed print service (MPS) providers capitalise on emerging opportunities?